Jeff Donato


Jeff Donato

Director of Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Jeff Donato

Nevada – Director of Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

With over eight years of experience in privilege licensing, Jeff Donato has licensed hundreds of liquor and gaming establishments in both Southern and Northern Nevada. In particular, Jeff has substantial experience in working directly with elected officials, management, and staff on licensing matters in jurisdictions such as Clark County, Washoe County, Douglas County, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson, City of Reno, and City of Sparks, among others. Since 2007, Jeff has been and continues to be solely responsible for all aspects of State and local licensing, including liquor and gaming, for over 200 corporate and franchise owned convenience stores within Nevada for the world’s largest convenience store chain and one of the nation’s largest gasoline retailers.

Additionally, Jeff has substantial experience with obtaining State gaming licenses in which he works with both the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission. In conjunction with licensing, Jeff routinely works with State and local investigators on matters pertaining to background investigations, expanded investigations, and findings of suitability for individuals associated with liquor and gaming establishments.

In addition to licensing, Jeff has substantial experience with land use and zoning matters. Specifically, Jeff works closely with the various planning and zoning departments and appears before the respective county commissions and city councils on various land use and zoning matters.

Over the years, Jeff has worked with a number of licensing departments to assist in drafting, revising and adopting county and city ordinances. In addition, Jeff was solely responsible for the concurrent licensing of an acquisition that included numerous convenience stores within four different licensing jurisdictions.

Jeff honorably served in the United States Air Force and holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice Administration.