Can you keep chickens in unincorporated areas of Clark County?

13 Apr Can you keep chickens in unincorporated areas of Clark County?

My neighbors decided to build a chicken coop abutting the portion of our shared 6 foot high wall right near my pool.  Their home sits on an acre of land.  For some reason they decided to use the portion of their yard right next to the area that I use to relax and swim.  Of course it is as far away from their home and the area of their yard they generally use so as not to be obtrusive or disturbing to them.

For those of you unfamiliar with chickens, they make a lot of noise.  Not only are they noisy, but my neighbor’s chickens actually jump the fence and get stuck in my backyard.

The Clark County Nevada Code of Ordinances – specifically 10.36.030 Poultry and Birds states in part “It is UNLAWFUL for any person to keep or cause to be kept on premises over which any such person may have control within the county  (a) any poultry or birds that are not at all times confined within a suitable outbuilding, coop, or enclosed runway…”  My neighbor’s birds are in a coop.  Thus, this ordinance did not help me.

The next step was to go to Clark County Nevada Title 30 Unified Development Code, Section30.36.010 and learn about the various Residential Districts.  I determined I lived in an RE district which is defined as a rural estate residential district.   I then went to Title 30 Unified Development Code Section  30.44, Table 30-44-1, agricultural livestock small. In this Table under “conditional use in RU and RE section (2) states “ RE – max of 20 animals…..max shall not include more than 3 roosters over 3 months old.”  Unfortunately, my neighbors only have two roosters.  Thus, there was nothing I could do about the chickens.


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